NETDA Officers 2018/2019


President- George Odom K4ETN

Vice President- Eric Stanton KK4FPB

Secretary- Stephen Brown Jr. K1LNX

Treasurer- Kay Odom K4KLO

Technical Staff

George D. Odom- K4ETN Chief Engineer

Stephen Brown Jr.-K1LNX Network Engineer

Chris Early-N6MMX-Site Engineer


A message from the President:

NETDA was formed from an idea that goes back over a year in discussion’s. The need was seen for a organization that would promote the advancement of digital voice modes of all types in our area. Helping to spread the word to operators and promote the growth of these systems was of great importance to us.

Although the ranks of amateurs are increasing, participation on repeaters has declined in recent years. Promoting digital voice has in many cases, increased usage on repeaters by as much as forty to sixty percent in recent months.

It is not the intention to replace analog FM systems. There will always be a place in repeater ops for analog operation. Many good repeaters go unused for long period’s of time. Owners devote time and money to place, or upgrade equipment and keep it in operation. Nothing is more frustrating than lack of use of these efforts.

Operators will find their own niche in digital voice that renews interest in the hobby. NETDA helps to support those efforts through education, presentations and technical support.

We hope that you will join us in that endeavor.

George Odom K4ETN