FusioNET- A NETDA sponsored digital/analog voice linked repeater system in North East Tennessee.


FusioNET is a collaborative effort between W4YSF, K4ETN, K1LNX, K4MFD, KK4FPB and W4TRC (Kingsport Amateur Radio Club) NETDA grew out of the planning for a series of linked 440 MHz repeaters in the North East Tennessee region.

The goal of this project is to provide linked digital voice coverage on UHF (70cm) in the major population areas of North East Tennessee. The system will support analog FM also.

The system is under construction at this time. Please be patient with us. Check below for site status and information.


Site 1- Jonesborough, TN  K4ETN 443.100 + 118.8 analog tone   Status: ON THE AIR-FUSION AMS and Analog. Echolink Node: 710450 (K4ETN-R) LINKED TO SYSTEM 8/20/2016

Site 2- Johnson City, TN   W4YSF 443.950 + 118.8 analog tone  Status: Site Under BETA testing. Not linked at this time.

Site 3- Gray, TN    KK4FPB 442.500 +  118.8 analog tone   Status: OFF THE AIRFUSION AMS and ANALOG. LINKED TO SYSTEM 2/7/2017

Site 4- Kingsport, TN (Bays Mt.) W4TRC 443.325+ 123.0 analog tone  Status: ON THE AIR-FUSION AMS and ANALOGLINKED TO SYSTEM. 11/8/16

Site 5- Green County, TN (Viking Mt.) K4MFD  444.200 +  118.8 analog tone  Status: ON THE AIRFUSION AMS and ANALOG. LINKED TO SYSTEM 12/7/16


FusioNET Projected Coverage Area

FusioNet 5 sites