North East Tennessee Digital Repeaters by Format

(includes only the NETDA area of Carter, Greene, Hancock, Hawkins, Johnson, Unicoi, Sullivan and Washington)



443.5625  +5Mhz  P25 Phase 1 (digital voice only), Bays Mt, Sullivan Co. W4YSF/R

ON LINE 5/23/17



444.0375   +5Mhz  CC1   Viking MT, Greene Co. K4MFD  


Yaesu System Fusion

2 Meters

145.15  -.600   118.8/118.8  Viking MT, Greene Co.  K4MFD  AMS/AMS

146.82 -.600   103.5/103.5 Clinch MT, Scott Co., VA KF4VTM  AMS/AMS

146.97 -.600     123.0/123.0 Bays MT, Sullivan Co,   W4TRC  AMS/AMS


70 cm

442.500  +5mHZ  118.8/118.8 Gray, Washington Co. KK4FPB  AMS/AMS *

443.100 +5Mhz  118.8/118.8  Jonesborough, Washington Co.  K4ETN  AMS/AMS *

443.325  +5Mhz  123.0/123.0 Bays MT, Sullivan Co.   W4TRC   AMS/AMS *

443.950  +5MHz 118.8/118.8 Johnson City, Washington Co  W4YSF  AMS/AMS * 

444.200 +5Mhz  118.8/118.8  Viking MT, Greene Co.  K4MFD  AMS/AMS *

444.750   +5MHz  Round Knob MT, Greene Co. K4ETN DIGITAL ONLY-NO Analog use at this time. In BETA test mode.


Repeaters with a * are part of the FusioNET linked 440 System-this system is under construction and is currently linked in analog mode only. Each repeater will operate in digital mode as a stand alone repeater.


D Star-None at this time

NXDN-None at this time


Update 2/22/2017

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