We are pleased to announce the 443.325 W4TRC uhf repeater is in beta test mode on the FusioNET System!

Users may experience some periods of inactivity while the configuration is finalized.


  1. SLOW DOWN! A linked repeater system takes a couple of seconds to bring all of the links active
  2. You will not hear the ID’s of every repeater on the system. You will only hear the ID of the repeater you are accessing the system through. This prevents ID collisions on the system.
  3. DO NOT POGO STICK YOUR PTT. Once you key up, stay key down during your transmission. It causes the links to start hopping up and down, therefore making your transmission have broken or lost audio. Make sure that you are using enough power to hold the repeater. Poor signal quality will make communicating difficult.
  4. You are required to ID every 10 minutes per FCC part 97. All of the repeater id’s are set for 10 minute intervals.


The linking system only supports analog linking at this time. The digital side is still under development.