Welcome to NETDA and our webpage.

NETDA is an official amateur radio club and holds the FCC club call sign of W4YSF.

Our purpose is to advance the use of digital voice modes in the FM spectrum of amateur radio in the six county area of North East Tennessee. Those counties include: Carter, Greene, Hawkins, Johnson, Sullivan, Washington and Unicoi.

NETDA provides information and technical support for the following digital voice modes and operations:

APCO P25     DMR    D Star    NXDN    Yaesu System Fusion

NETDA does not provide licensed software, pre written programming files, or code plugs. Open source software and operation manuals may be available in the files section.

The group shares resources and information on various digital voice communication modes with repeater owners, clubs and individual operators.

NETDA will gladly address organized amateur radio clubs or groups and provide information on digital voice operations on request. See the How to Contact page for information.


Any repeaters that are affiliated with NETDA are controlled by their individual owners/trustees, and therefore have the exclusive right to control access or usage of such repeaters on a individual basis.

NETDA is NOT responsible for any operating restrictions that arise from the restrictions or accessibility of networks, linking or ancillary operations.